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Sieg Zeon - Chapter 11: The Dusk Wraiths
Sieg Zeon:
An Alternate Tale of the Universal Century
Chapter 11: The Dusk Wraiths
The raid on Sigonella, as far as the 12th MS Team was concerned, was all but complete. In fact, it hadn't taken long to move away from the docks as there simply weren’t enough defenders left to slow them down by any significant measure. But while it likely meant that the diversionary attacks were supremely effective, Valeria Caine quietly hoped that it's actually because the enemy had already fed most of those forces into the fighting still going on in the Italian Peninsula. And not in another ambush…

<"Alright. We'll advance down the runway and destroy any and all targets of opportunity,"> Duncan’s voice crackled through the comms, still sounding firm despite the damage on his MS. <”The Dopps and Dodais would have taken care of most them by now, but keep your eyes peeled.”>
“Copy that,
:iconmdc01957:mdc01957 4 2
Up for a game? by Rookie425 Up for a game? :iconrookie425:Rookie425 29 2
I'm a bit late to this but I was tagged by sorakeyblader258 and he wants me to specifically do Thomas-014 aka 'Blue'.
The rules are simple:
1. Post these rules
2. Post eight facts about your character
3. Tag eight other characters
4. Post their names and their creator's avatar
Return to the Classics by Turbofurby

1. Blue's the youngest of three brothers and is the only one of the three to survive the entirety of the Human-Covenant War

2. His original armor after the Mark IV was a prototype of the Mark V armor that he continued to improve and modify throughout the war. By the war's end, it was far superior to the final production version of the armor and on par in multiple categories with the Mark VI.

3. Outside of the UNSC, he's a chill and laid back guy and will easily crack a few jokes when he can. Though when it comes time to arm himself for combat, his Spartan training kicks in and he becomes almost completely silent, mostly communicating with hand signals or quick one sentence comments.

4. Speaking of #3, even those close to him very rarely see him without his helmet and armor on, however this is very common among Spartan IIs and some IIIs. Underneath the armor, his skin is rather pale, but not bone white like people imagine it to be. Meaning if he's seen without his helmet, or even his armor (which is even rarer), it's for a very special and important occasion.

5. His standard loadout, is a BR55 Battle Rifle and the M6H2 magnum. However, he is also commonly seen with the M392/M395 Designated Marksman Rifle or any of the MA series assault rifles.

6. Blue didn't propose to Maria-063 aka 'Green', she proposed to him. After she brought up the question, he went into pure silence for a solid minute before commenting "Ya know, I think it's the other way around" before taking her hand.

7. Speaking of #6, he never wears the ring, neither of them did actually. This is because they viewed their jobs first and their relationship second, plus it's hard to put a ring underneath a glove and make it comfortable.

8. Besides knowing that he had brothers and their fates, Blue knows nothing about his family and what happened to them. He doesn't know his last name either, and it's entirely his choice. He wishes to leave it all behind and focus on the family he has now.

I tag whoever wants to do this


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ey lmao paige was here takin all da booty

I'm a major Halo nerd which you can probably already tell from my gallery. I put most, if not all, of the people I watch on my friends list as I like to give everybody a chance to be my friend.



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